Inconsistent new hire performance and retention due to a lack of standardized on-boarding processes and procedures. Does this sound like your company?

Why do we ask? Because we can HELP!


Onboarding is more than orientation!

It’s a strategy that engages HR, Managers, staff to set the stage for the success and development of productive, dedicated, engaged, happy employees!


TrainSmart has over 25+ years of experience designing and developing custom onboarding solutions.

Onboarding & Training Solutions for Food Service

Annual Harassment Training & Improved On-boarding

Statistically, a sound onboarding strategy and process leads to faster productivity, increased employee retention and engagement, and reduced turnover. Historically, it maximizes acceptance into the organization, builds rapport between employee and manager, and creates a bond of understanding between the new employee, your organization, and, most importantly, your customers.

TrainSmart works with you to design a strategy that:

  • Incorporates business goals and objectives
  • Considers generational differences and needs
  • Introduces existing structures – teams, technology, business model, and role
  • Sets clear expectations based on both your and their needs and expectations
  • Develops an operational perspective of corporate structure, policy, and procedures

Contact us today to find out how we can assist you in attaining organizational goals by building a creative, customized on boarding training plan.

Retailer Call Center New-Hire Training

31% Y-to-Y Turnover Reduction

On-Target Onboarding Training For Hiring Managers

What is the difference between onboarding and orientation?

The quality of a new employee’s introduction and acclimation to their new company, job and co-workers is directly related to their productivity and retention during their first year on the job.

Learn the critical elements of an effective on-boarding program that will decrease turnover, engage new employees and improve accountability in this one day, interactive workshop. You will leave this session with a plan for success!

Developed New OnBoarding Program For Chicago Advertising Agency

A global advertising agency had Inconsistent new hire performance and retention due to a lack of standardized on-boarding processes and procedures. TrainSmart developed a facilitated program that used an object design so that segments could be easily translated and moved to alternative delivery modes.

Developed Onboarding Program For Manufacturer

A large manufacturing company, with four geographically dispersed plants, wanted to update and improve its onboarding, training, and evaluation programs for consistency and expanded growth.