Business Challenge

Looking to develop new orientation training material for new hires at our Client’s customer service call center, our client looked to TrainSmart to create a training program that would efficiently train new hires, as well as impart knowledge of the customer service philosophy and phone etiquette/training. Current training was basically on-the-job training sitting and observing experienced customer service representatives. The Customer Service Center was expanding and was in need of training that was both uniform and consistent to ensure adequate performance by all reps.

TrainSmart Solution

Working with the company’s subject matter experts (i.e. call center supervisors), course content for the call center training program was identified.

Content included: company history, customer service philosophy, an overview of the industry, sales, and installation processes, and techniques for handling difficult customers and situations. Designed for individual/ small groups of new hires, the training included both instructor and participant materials.


TrainSmart conducted the initial training, which included the customer service supervisors enabling them to conduct successful future training sessions. At twelve months, turnover decreased by 31%.