Business Challenge

The client had installed Oracle Financials including Supply Chain and was having great difficulty getting it to work as designed. One major problem was getting inventory to align with shipments and receipts.

TrainSmart Solution

TrainSmart conducted a training needs assessment and determined that there were three issues:

  1. Little to no support from management
  2. No change management Process
  3. Little to no end-user training

To correct these three, TrainSmart . . .

  1. Coached management on the best tactics to show support and interest in getting the applications installed an working as designed.
  2. Helped the client to develop a communication plan and training rollout strategy for a re-release of the application.
  3. Worked with the client to select a third-party Oracle trainer.


Following the re-release of the Oracle application, the organization was more accepting of the change and began to implement it as designed.