Business Challenge

This stem cell research company needed to increase its game. A group of managers and trainers needed document updating with a more consistent feel that would match their coaching and training delivery. They turned to TrainSmart for their document creation/redesign and guidance in training.

TrainSmart Solution

As part of a 3-Day Train-the-Trainer Program, TrainSmart created a workshop for the STEM Cell Research Company to enhance the instructional design module, the participant materials, and facilitation, with training activities custom to align with the company’s goals in mind.


Since the Train-the-Trainer workshop, the entire team has implemented the best design standards, which has boosted the company’s standard operating procedures to have more interactivity, engagement, and solid design.

They now have a standard design; template and any facilitator at their firm can pick up the materials and teach because of the consistency across all workshops. After working with TrainSmart, 3 of the 11 participants have since gone on to be IBCT certified.