Business Challenge

The Organizational Change and Training function of this large government organization wanted to get feedback on each manager’s effectiveness and deliver training to address exposed issues.

TrainSmart was hired to provide specialized training for this organization’s needs.

TrainSmart Solution

Working with one of our many training delivery partners, TrainSmart managed the distribution, recovery, and interpretation of 200 Everything DiSC® 363 Profiles and 200 Everything DiSC® Management Profiles. Our delivery partner facilitated many workshops based on TrainSmart’s six-hour, six-module training event that is built around the 26-page Everything DiSC® Management Profile:

Modules 1 and 2: Your DiSC® Management Style

Module 3: Directing and Delegation

Module 4: Motivation

Module 5: Developing Others

Module 6: Working with Your Manager/Leader


All 200 managers completed an Everything DiSC 363 and Everything DiSC Management Profile. Based on increased productivity and reduced complaints, senior leadership believes the effort was successful.