Business Challenge

A major internet company was on the verge of trying something new. The idea was a whole new business unit and would bring on thousands of journalists, ad managers, and editors nationwide. The goal was to eliminate local papers and provide a localized online community across the United States that would offer local breaking news and events with the help of an online core team. TrainSmart was brought in to take what training the client had developed and help streamline the materials to make training across the board more effective as part of the nationwide rollout.

TrainSmart Solution

Initially brought in to roll out a national training strategy, and to develop a Train-the-Trainer program to successfully train the quickly expanding, national online team. TrainSmart started with an analysis and revised already existing training materials into TrainSmart’s certified Train-the-Trainer program.

From there, TrainSmart’s team dispersed nationwide to conduct Train-the-Trainers with many new local hires. TrainSmart conducted the workshops, regional training, and ad training. The goal was to prepare the company to successfully train new team members as the idea of these online communities continued to spread. With new training and materials in hand, the client continued training from there, on their own.


Today, organized local communities exist in over 1,000 cities/ neighborhoods nationwide and continue to spring up every day.