Business Challenge

Expanding into another geographical market, the company was in the process of hiring a new sales force for the new location. While they had developed a sales training program years earlier, it was in need of a facelift and update to reflect current products, sales processes, and an updated sales philosophy.

TrainSmart Solution

Working with the existing sales training program, TrainSmart worked with the Sales Manager to identify current training materials that were still valid and could be retained while identifying voids where new content needed to be developed. In addition to presentation materials, extensive role-playing exercises were developed for trainees to use in developing and honing their skills. A certification process was also created to assist the trainer in evaluating new sales reps.


The new sales training program facelift was a success.  The certification process enabled the Client to evaluate the knowledge and skills of the sales representative to identify gaps and provide a tailored training plan for improvement.  In the twelve months following the program implementation sales increased by 23% and turnover decreased by 31%.