A prominent California utility relies on a fair and ethical request for proposal (RFP) process to secure the best products and services for its operations. However, with no formal policy or training in place, the utility experienced concerning incidents of unethical behavior during the RFP process. Eager to uphold integrity across the organization, the utility partnered with TrainSmart to develop a new custom eLearning course on ethical considerations for procurement teams.

With no existing content to build from, TrainSmart worked closely with the utility’s leaders to identify common ethical dilemmas faced during RFPs. Together, they outlined specific learning objectives and developed scenarios reflecting real-world situations procurement teams encounter. TrainSmart then built an immersive eLearning experience, guiding learners through approximately 10 common scenarios and arming them with practical strategies for ethical decision-making.

Since rolling out the training, the utility has noticed a significant improvement in integrity and compliance across its procurement division. Learners report feeling better equipped to navigate complex ethical dilemmas, leading to more fair and consistent vendor selection. By taking a proactive approach to integrity training, the utility has reinforced its commitment to ethics and restored trust in its procurement practices. Partnering with TrainSmart for targeted eLearning development has allowed the utility to uphold its standards of excellence from the inside out.