Organization: Community Clinic In Los Angeles, CA

Trainees: Trainers in the healthcare industry with a range of experience

Training Goal: Provide practice for the trainers to improve their skills and help them create more engaging training for their learners.

Business Challenge

The participants work in the healthcare field. They teach a variety of topics such as onboarding new employees and using Epic software to help patients.


TrainSMART was able to tailor the Train-the-Trainer workshop to the needs of the participants based on the opening activity. Some of the participants worked to increase their confidence through the various workshop exercises. All participants worked on ways to create sticky and engaging content for their learners.

From a Learner

Thank you for your feedback and for helping me overcome my shyness. I appreciate it.

Thank you, Michelle, extremely grateful for your guidance and feedback.

Thank you so much Michelle for a very interactive and fun workshop.  You definitely kept all of us engaged in every session, we learned so much.  I am already sharing some of the principles I learned with other colleagues.