Business Challenge

A Chicago-based non-profit that serves formerly and currently incarcerated individuals and assists them in job training, seeking, placement, retention, and advancement lacked the common set of skills needed to operate against new standard operating procedures and to work consistently across the organization’s 25 site locations.

TrainSmart Solution

TrainSmart completed a comprehensive gap analysis to define the gap between needed and existing skills and knowledge. Working closely with middle managers and directors who had little experience with training, TrainSmart produced a learning process that emphasized professionalism, integrity, intellectual challenge, good spirits, as well as needed skills in communication, interpersonal interaction, customer service, time management, manager basics, marketing strategies, networking, sales and service, account management, human resource basics, tracking and reporting accomplishments and compensation, retention, coaching, conflict management, and intake services.


The retention of the personnel for the key positions was increased by 64%!  The two groups worked and supported one another and there was a true sense of “we.”  In addition, the client increased the number of companies that provide job opportunities for their clients, as well as increased the number of clients that they could manage, per cycle. Within months of the training, the performance goal numbers of the Sector managers increased. The Train-the-Trainer better empowered the learners to conduct and create more effective training for their staff and the agency and after the training, satisfaction in all departments reported a 15% increase. The client continues to use these workshops for onboarding and employee development.

Client Testimonial

“The training that was deployed to our staff was excellent!  It was user-friendly, done to fit within our culture and our context, and it was well embraced by staff.  It was done in a format that can be easily updated and utilized over time.  Our organization could not have been any more pleased with both the end product/deliverables and the process.  Leslie Ciborowski brought great high level leadership, as well as being hands-on when needed.  Michelle Allegretti and Anna Filas were superstars.  They were deeply engaged in the subject matter, brought vision and passion to the work, and brought insightful thinking and recommendations to our work. 

Thanks to Trainsmart, we now have an excellent set of curriculum materials, trained trainers from our organization, and a consistently trained staff that embraces the curriculum.”