Customer Pain:

Our client was in search of a leadership training workshop when they wanted to ensure that leadership was in agreement with their vision, that there was alignment with the vision, and that the vision was being effectively communicated and executed.

The TrainSmart Process:

Dave Finley, a Senior Consultant facilitated a day and a half long session for the ten-member Cotter leadership that focused on developing and enhancing three core leadership actions: defining a vision, aligning the organization with the vision, and executing the vision.

The establishment of a common vision and aligning the leadership was the primary goal for the session.

TrainSMART’s Building Leaders Workshop is built using the Work for Leaders Profile and Facilitator Kit from Everything DiSC® Work for Leaders from Everything DiSC® of Wiley Publishing.

The resulting highly interactive approach blended video segments with discussion and individual and group activities that centered on the analysis of the individual and corporate view of the profile results.

To determine the impact of Building Leadership over the next 10 to 12 months, the strategy includes:

  1. Setting up cohort sub-groups within the leadership team to monitor the execution of individual Action Plans.
  2. The cohort groups read The 8 Dimensions of Leadership by Jeffery Sugarman, Mark Cullard, and Emma Wilhelm. This book addresses DiSC strategies for becoming a better leader. A copy of this book was given to each leader during the session.
  3. Implementing 363 for Leaders.
  4. Having the leadership team complete another Work for Leaders profile in 18 months and determine individual and team growth.
  5. Working with Cotter to determine what other developmental actions are needed to refine and develop critical leadership skills and knowledge.
  6. Everything DiSC® Comparison Reports were being used to facilitate improving relationships amongst the leadership team members.
  7. To ensure that all of these efforts continue to move forward, Jennifer Wernke, VP of Human Resources has made a commitment to become certified to coach the results of the Everything DiSC® Series assessments.


“Dave: Thank you so much for leading our Cotter management team through terrific leadership training. You are a terrific facilitator. The entire day and one half were engaging and stimulating. The material was rich and the balance of lecture, discussion, and group activities was perfect. “Work for Leaders” was a terrific experience ” Anne Cotter