Business Challenge

Struggling to find a work/life balance between their company culture and for their employees, this Chicago-based hardware company hired TrainSmart to provide direction and focus to their efforts that addressed work/life balance issues and concerns of employees.

The purpose of the project included gathering additional information to describe and clarify the concerns of the company’s corporate employees regarding the nature of their concerns and development of strategies to help employees better tackle work/life balance issues.

TrainSmart Solution

TrainSmart conducted a series of approximately 12 focus groups of 6 to 10 employees, each representing all major divisions and departments across the organization. All groups were designed to be homogenous as to reflect the work/life balance concerns unique to each group. All concerns were noted both substantively, as well as frequency. Concerns were then categorized and prioritized in order of immediacy/attention.


While some concerns were unique to specific groups/organizations, the majority of concerns were shared enterprise wide. A final report was written and discussed with senior management.

Human Resources took it to the next level and shared the results with the employees and their management. Flexible work hours were implemented, as well as new policies and procedures to support a universal work life balance culture.