Business Challenge

Our chemicals manufacturer client wanted to develop a client-facing team of consultants that had superior technical knowledge and would be capable of leading the development of highly sophisticated customer-specific solutions. The client selected a team of 15 research scientists each with multiple PhDs within their discipline.

TrainSmart Solution

  1. TrainSmart and the client interviewed nearly 100 research scientists in order to identify the 15-person team.
  2. Each candidate then completed an online Everything DiSC® Workplace profile.
  3. TrainSmart re-purposed the content from three courses into a custom three-day workshop that addressed the following:
    1. Behaviors and their impact on communication and work relationships
    2. The purpose and intent of customer service
    3. How to adapt behaviors to improve customer service
    4. Building and leveraging teams to achieve results
    5. Building customer relationships
    6. Client-specific sales and customer service content
  4. Our client and TrainSmart team taught the workshop with the client presenting their specifics and supporting TrainSmart’s delivery of the core (soft) skill topics.
  5. Post-workshop TrainSmart and the client team coached each candidate every 15 to 30 days for six months.


Fourteen of the team executed the strategy and the program was well received by the client’s customers. The fifteenth scientist who profiled very high in the “I” behavioral dimension joined the sales team and achieved recognition within six months.