Business Challenge

This pharmaceutical company needed to sharpen their training skills, as well as new accountabilities for technical training. They needed a faster way to train new hires, and more efficient training methods for SME’s to follow to communicate, develop training, and best train to chunk training content and measure fewer human errors.

TrainSmart Solution

To successfully meet this pharmaceutical company’s training goals, TrainSmart assessed, designed, developed and delivered effective training for the manufacturing entities. Technical trainers will be trained on how to best instruct new hires, so the company’s SOP’s, standard processes, and methodologies for the TRC OJT training.


As a result of TrainSmart’s Train-the-Trainer workshop, this company was able to proficiently communicate training. Many of the SME’s now report more successful on the job training experiences, more consistent training materials, and time-efficient training methods, even with drier training content.