Business Challenge

The client’s initial request was for customer service training for approximately 25 front-line employees and teamwork training for 100+ employees. The goal was to take the dealership to the next level of exceptional customer service and improve sales representative communication and teamwork throughout the dealership.

TrainSmart Solution

TrainSmart’s consultative approach and our consultant’s experience with the automotive industry resulted in uncovering the following needs:

1. Improve communication with customer and with co-workers
2. Increase customer service scores
3. Use a methodology to involve employees in improving processes
4. Take the dealership to the next level of success


Coaching and practice opportunities were implemented to improve skills and performance, and a methodology was designed and developed to focus on improving processes throughout the dealership.

This methodology includes the use of cross-functional teams and employee involvement in analyzing problems and developing creative solutions. Strategic consulting and coaching was facilitated to manage challenging situations with employees effectively and improve management leadership skills. The import car owner’s team was impressed with the progress and results.

They have continued to partner with TrainSmart, Inc to reinforce training, improvement processes and concepts.