Success Stories

Trained SME’s How To Design, Develop & Train On Their Particular Areas Of Expertise for Safety Organization

In 2009 our public safety services client had a initiative to train their "Knowledge Workers" on how to design, develop and train on their particular areas of expertise. There were multiple reasons for this (1) capture the intellectual capital of their work force so that it was not lost due to retirement, death, resignation for another company; reduce the amount of revenue paid to third party vendors providing these services, while empowering their knowledge workers to grow professionally.

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On-Site Train-the-Trainer For Line Managers of Manufacturing Company

NTN Bearing Manufacturing reported 45% less incidents and a reduction of 30% in turnover since the delivery of their custom Train-the-Trainer workshop. The subject matter experts did not know how to structure, train and evaluate the learner. The TTT provided practice, the development of checklists and consistent processes to train and evaluate the learner, which reduced incidents on the line. Further, the better informed and trained employee was more successful therefore was not released or did not leave due to frustration, thus reducing the turnover rate. This measurement has been over the last year.

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