Business Challenge

Our client a search engine marketing agency located in Los Angeles, CA, wanted to improve their marketing teams ability to present technical information to clients in a comprehensive, clear, and concise way. It was also important to facilitate more productive and time-conscious meetings. Meetings are facilitated both face to face as well as virtually.

TrainSmart Solution

The challenge to this training was to condense TrainSmart’s two day effective presentation skills training and two day meeting facilitation training classes to a one day workshop split into half day sessions. It was critical to determine the priority goals and develop a creative way to ensure that practice was included to increase skills.

After several phone discussions and a better understanding of client needs, the following solutions were implemented:

1. Effective Presentation Skills was taught in a series of half day segments. Topics included:

a. Identify a clear goal and purpose statement for the presentation
b. Create an attention grabbing opening
c. Engage participants through questioning techniques
d. Use effective and energetic verbal, vocal and visual skills
e. Create visuals that clarify and complement the content
f. Practice is a key element to improve presentation and communication skills. Participants were asked to select 10 minutes of a typical presentation that they would provide to a client and enhance it with the skills learned in the first half day session. Participants and the Instructor provided feedback and coaching.

2. Meeting Facilitation was the second goal.

We developed meeting facilitation workshop as a continuation of the presentation skills training. This was also taught in half day segments. A large focus of meetings is the need to be able to facilitate conversations virtually.

This workshop began with participants in one room and the facilitator in a different room so that we could demonstrate the skills that enhance a virtual environment. Practice sessions were conducted with people in multiple locations to simulate a realistic client environment