Success Stories

Custom Train-the-Trainer For Stem Cell Research Company

As part of a 3-day TTT workshop, TrainSmart designed a tailored session for Stem Cell Technologies to enhance the instructional design module, the participant materials, and facilitation, with training activities custom to align with Stem Cell Technologies’ goals in mind. Since the TTT workshop, the entire team has implemented best design standards, which has boosted SCT’s standard operating procedures to have more interactivity, engagement, and solid design. After working with TrainSmart, 3 of the 11 participants have since gone on to be IBCT certified.

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Developed Train-the-Trainer Program For Aerospace Contractor

L-3 Communications looked to TrainSmart’s TTT workshop to increase training facilitation effectiveness and to boost their presentation skills. The L-3 Communications team included a wide range of highly technical and bright individuals, and their TTT workshop was tailored to their needs. While still covering a wide range of training skills, the workshop paid additional attention to the best practices when creating and using visuals, as well as how to prepare a course syllabus, writing learning objectives, and engaging the audience-making dry content more interesting. The training only took place recently (this past April) and long-term results are still indistinguishable, but trainers immediately took to the TTT workshop’s advice and are implementing the techniques into training today.

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Developed Global Train-the-Trainer Program For Engineers Of Oil Service Provider

In December 2012, Schlumberger, the leading oilfield services provider of oil and gas services around the world chose TrainSmart to facilitate the 3-Day Internationally Certified Master Train-the-Trainer workshop to teach Schlumberger’s SIS engineers with expertise in geosciences and varies areas of engineering. The objective for the training is to teach and practice” best practices” on how to prepare and facilitate technical training.

Workshop participants used a topic of their choice to create a training plan that transitioned from one topic to the next, all while working on coherency and clarification in their presentations. Participants of the workshops raved of the training program’s success, “ It was a great workshop. I will use the knowledge shared when preparing and delivering presentations to clients and co-workers”-Ivcin (workshop participant).

2013 the training continues in Algeria, Vietnam, Egypt, Colombia, Argentina, with multiple sessions in Brazil, Russia, France, Germany and Houston, TX.

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Tailored Train-the-Trainer For Media Company

At the time Gannett reached out to TrainSmart with interest in the TTT workshop, a group of managers responsible for developing and training their individual teams (responsible for digital sales) needed help organizing training to better assess the needs of their clients and help building client relationships.

The customized TTT workshop taught managers how to coach for success and design/ facilitate training. As a result, Gannett experienced greater retention and increased knowledge, which led to increased sales online.

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Developed Formal Training For Chicago Manufacturer

In the midst of preparing to roll-out a SAP implementation program, Elkay Manufacturing realized that the subject matter experts from each of the primary business units had not yet had formal training on preparing “just in time” training and skills to deliver classroom material. TrainSmart designed a workshop that upon completion of training, each of the SMEs either had a completed or draft of their training materials. After completion of the TTT workshop, the roll-out went without a hitch and the same SMEs were engaged for the SAP upgrade, which was only a few years later.

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