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The Automotive business has changed dramatically.  Customers do a significant amount of research online before coming into a dealership to purchase a vehicle, the process of diagnosing and fixing vehicles requires increased technical expertise yet customers often believe it’s just a matter of plugging the vehicle into a computer and finding out what’s wrong, price comparison shopping has increased, relationship building and loyalty has decreased.

TrainSmart can assist dealerships with improving the critical skills and strategy to improve sales, customer service and retention in all areas of the store. 

Focusing on both process and people improvement are the keys to getting results that grow CSI and build relationships that lead to increased sales.

Customer Service Training for Dealerships

Explore our Training Solutions For Automotive Dealerships
Whether you need some specific skills training or would like assistance with developing a complete strategy and program that will change the dealership culture, TrainSmart has the experience to provide training, coaching and best practices that get results!

Some key training workshops TrainSmart has delivered in the automotive industry include:

  • Customer Excellence: Sales, Parts and Service Consultants
  • Performance Improvement Coaching for Managers
  • Networking On and Offline
  • Phone Skills: Beyond Just Answering The Phone
  • Interviewing and Hiring
  • Process Improvement
  • Employee Engagement