Training is a critical piece of the success of any organization.  Improved skills and knowledge at all levels increases competency and productivity. Since you’re here, you must want to improve trainer proficiencies so that participants have a positive learning experience. Whether you’re looking to improve training skills for yourself, subject matter experts in your organization, or internal trainers, you’ve come to the right place!

TrainSmart offers the only “instructor-led” train-the-trainer program that is certified by the International Board of Certified Trainers.

Over 50,000 participants have taken part in TrainSmart’s Internationally Certified Train-the-Trainer Program. This fun, practical, high-energy, learner-focused workshop provides the latest tools and techniques to help you reach your highest potential.

Our 3-day Train-the-Trainer is engaging, highly interactive; relevant to the ways that today’s audiences prefer to receive information and provides you with a toolkit of resources to make your training impactful and outstanding!

If you are responsible for any kind of training in your organization TrainSmart’s Train-the-Trainer program is for you!


Learn the essential skills to transfer knowledge to adult learners in a way that is educational, interesting and interactive!

Train-the-Trainer Workshop Options

1.) On-Site Custom Train-the-Trainer For Groups (Company Specific Training)

TrainSmart has experience designing, developing, and delivering custom Train-the-Trainer workshops. We offer a three day workshop at your site for up to 10 participants per class. TrainSmart will tailor your Train-the-Trainer program to include documentation review and participant facilitation using company specific content that participants can use as their training project throughout the 3 days. It is a great way to work as a team to increase the effectiveness of a training program, as well as to exchange ideas and approaches within the organization.

The best value is the on-site workshop. There are greater benefits to training as a group:

  • Use your own content throughout the 3 days and for the final project
  • Receive both facilitator and peer feedback and coaching
  • Discuss the design of your training program with a experienced TrainSmart facilitator/designer

2.) 2016 3-Day Train-the-Trainer Open Enrollment – $1695


July 6-8

December 7-9


Los Angeles

August 3-5

November 2-4


San Diego

July 6-8

December 7-9



July 6-8

October 5-7

December 9 – 11



Sep. 14-16

Nov. 2-4



Sep. 7-9

Nov. 2-4


To learn more about having a our train-the-trainer program brought in-house contact us today at 800-807-8030 or [email protected] for a free quote and outline of this 3-day workshop.

Train-the-Trainer Certification Process


We can help with sharpening training skills and techniques, subject matter expert knowledge transfer training, training and facilitation skills development, virtual training development, new training responsibility support, new software or business process rollout preparation.

Experienced trainers who want to improve presentation skills, subject matter experts who have new responsibilities to provide training, and new trainers who need to begin with the basics of training and learn best practices.

Past participants include: Sales Staff, Trainers, Training Managers, Human Resource & Personnel Managers, Supervisors, Team Leaders, Executives and Subject Matter Experts

Previous On-Site Train-the-Trainer Clients Include:









What Past Participants Are Saying…

“The Train-the-Trainer workshop was fantastic! Some of the most valuable things that I gained is confidence; techniques to facilitate dry, technical data; and PowerPoint tricks.”

V.P. Learning and Development
Global Pharmaceutical Company
Greater Chicago Area

“The instructor was excellent, in fact, one of the best that I had experienced. The course is well-structured, presented in an excellent fashion for both the written and facilitation.”

Sr. Marketing Specialist
Underwriters Laboratories
Greater Chicago Area

“This is the best Train-the-Trainer workshop that I ever attended! I did not expect that I was going to learn new innovative approaches to training development, delivery and assessment.”

North America Sales Manager
Underwriters Laboratories
Greater St. Louis Area