Did you know? 86% of companies that utilize virtual instructor-led training reported increased productivity. Join them and unlock your team’s potential today!

Discover the future of corporate learning with TrainSmart’s Virtual Instructor-Led Training (VILT), a powerful, cost-effective solution that revolutionizes workforce training.

Harness the power of modern technology to save on travel, accommodation, and time costs, while also promoting eco-friendly practices by reducing the need for printed training materials.

Forget the limitations of early VILT methods. With nearly two decades of experience, we’ve transformed VILT into a reliable, engaging platform that brings world-class training to your fingertips.

Our expert trainers and designers understand that a successful virtual training program isn’t simply an online replica of the classroom. It requires a unique blend of immersive interaction, attention to learner engagement, and innovative instructional design.

At TrainSmart, we’ve honed our techniques to ensure captivating, high-impact virtual sessions. Having delivered hundreds of virtual sessions, we’re equipped with practical insights to curate a learning experience so engaging that your team will forget about their inbox.

Step into the new era of learning with TrainSmart and experience training that truly works, wherever you are in the world.

TrainSMART designs, develops and delivery virtual instructor led training (vILT) to companies around the globe.

TrainSmart’s Virtual Instructor-led Training Services include:

  • Redesigning a traditional instructor-led course to reflect vILT best practices
  • Virtual Instructor-led course design, development, and facilitation
  • Training your instructional designers on how to create successful vILT programs
  • Training facilitators and producers on how to deliver vILT sessions that promote engagement and collaboration
  • vILT consulting on technology, format, content adaptation, and facilitator and producer skills

Virtual Instructor-led Training Best Practices

  • Limit vILT sessions to 90 minutes
  • Create activities where participants break into small groups
  • Utilize built-in tools like polling and chat box to encourage class participation and engagement
  • Check-in with participants every three to five minutes during the presentation
  • Ask participants to say their name every time they speak

We Offer The Following Instructor-led Virtual Classroom Workshops

Training Workshops Delivered via Microsoft Teams, Zoom, or Adobe Connect

Training Professionals


Customer Service



Sales & Negotiations 




What is virtual instructor-led training?

Virtual Instructor-Led Training (vILT) is a method of delivering educational or training content in a virtual environment, typically via digital platforms such as video conferencing tools, virtual classrooms, or web-based platforms. Unlike traditional e-learning, vILT is facilitated by an instructor in real-time, which allows for immediate feedback, interactive discussions, and direct engagement with participants, similar to a traditional in-person training session.

TrainSmart will work with you to make sure the training is relevant, compelling, engaging, sustainable, and award-winning.

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